Our goal is to help clients navigate, understand, and derive meaningful insights from their data more efficiently.

Rumfoords engineers specialize in identifying all relevant data sources, their formats, permissions, and contexts, then cleaning this data and transforming it into usable formats for application development.

The applications we ship have the potential to streamline processes, augment employee’s creative abilities, identify new audiences, help craft more impactful campaigns and more.

Step 1

Discovery & Analysis

Audit and understand the challenges and needs of your organization

Strategic recommendations for AI application development

Step 2

Data Exploration and Structuring

Development of data ingestion and preprocessing components

Sanitization of data into digestible databases for application development

Step 3

Product Development

Technical development of proprietary AI applications

Embedding generation

Semantic search engine development

AI application UI/UX Design

Step 4

Testing and Feedback

Focused testing and feedback collection

Prompt testing and guidance refinement

Identification of successful response indicators, bugs, and hallucinations

Optimize for implementation

Step 5


Deployment of application suite

Team training sessions and onboarding

Technical AI workshops for IT and data teams

Step 6


Development of scaling roadmaps for integrated AI solutions

Vendor sourcing and scaling partner introductions

And Finally,


We recognize that our clients are busy and often in need of a reliable partner that can seamlessly embed within your organization to provide a foundation of knowledge as your team develops their AI skill sets.

Rumfoords’ team of AI specialists and creative technologists will help train your team efficiently, identify strategic partners, assist in RFP development and provide world-class strategic planning to ensure a successful AI transformation for our clients.